Mobile Phone Security Display Stand Holder With Alarm Anti Theft


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Product Descriptions:
One with two anti-theft device is a general and compact anti-theft devices,can provide security for a variety of digital products,such as:Mobile Phone,Power bank,Tablet,Navigator,and supports dual interface theft.

Security principles:
Using multipoint parallel security technology,after the successful installation of the phone and alarm,phone alarm automatically enter the security state,and charge the phone,when security lines were disconnected at any point(including cut and anti-theft wire)to automatically alert,must use a dedicated remote control,and enter the correct three-digit password to cancel the alarm.

Working voltage:5V
The working current:1000ma
Function:MP3,MP4,Power bank,Mobile Phone and other digital device anti-theft alarm.
Line length:2.5M
Anti-theft line:85-200cm
Anti-theft way:Sticky-head
Standby time:180days
Material:ABS Plastic
Alarm volume:90-100DB
Charging:Host built-in 480Am,battery standby alert 3-6 months
Unlock:remote unlock(three custom digital password)

1.Mobile phone,laptop,MP3,MP4,such as all digital products can achieve security camera,achieve multi-usage
2.Anti-theft performance better
3.And uses three custom numeric password,even with the same remote control can not be unlocked
4.And anti-theft machine is using 3M attached adhesive design at the bottom, you can use it in any counter

Installation method:
1.Bringing the USB interface of the two spring line Insert into anti-theft host USB mouth.
2.Tear up security at the bottom of the machine to 3m glue,stick anti-theft host spring switch at the bottom of the fixed on the table and confirm back.
3.Bringing two spring line of the 3m sticky glue to tear,and stick it into the fuselage anti-theft products,hearing the sound of a di said it has entered the working condition.
4.Such as taking place alarm please aligned with the remote control anti-theft host USB interface and press the three consecutive number password,it can be unlocked

Package Included:
1 x One with two anti-theft device
2 x  Anti-theft

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