Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Music Audio Receiver Adapter


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1.Complies with Bluetooth 2.1.
2.Optional embedded battery which has long working life.
3.Charging indicator, red LED is on until fully charged.
4.A 3.5mm audio output port and a micro USB charging port.
5.Red and blue LED indicator design that is beautiful and humane.
6.Convert your wired earbuds or headphones to wireless via Bluetooth.
7.Optional powered directly with power adapter or powered by PC USB port.
8.Charge the rechargeable battery via any USB port for maximum listening.
9.Simple operation, 3.5mm audio cable to connect the speakers and the receiver.
10.Adds the ability to listen wirelessly through your existing 3.5mm wired headphones.
11.3.5mm line-in jack allows you to play other external audio sources, such as MP3, MP4 etc.
12.Support digital products using Bluetooth,such as iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth cell phone, Bluetooth PC.
13.High-performance AMP chip, can push the headset and high-power speaker, applicable to all types of speakers.


Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Audio Receiver Parameter

   Color    Black, White
   Weight    53g
   Voltage    DC 5V
   Line Out    3.5mm
   Conector    Standard Mini USB
   Transmission Distance    ≥10 meters
   USB Power Cable Length    Approx.78cm
   3.5mm Audio Cable Length    Approx.48cm
   Dimensions    Approx. 5.8(L) x 3.0(W) x 1.4(H)cm
   Transmission Distance    Up to 33 feet (10 meters) away

How to Use:

1.Bluetooth music receiver connects diretly to speaker with 3.5mm dudio cable.

2.Enable the bluetooth function for the devices such as iPod, iPhone, bluetooth PC, cellphone, search bluetooth devices to find the bluetooth music receiver and connect it.

3.After successful paring, we can play music by player without wires.

Package Included:

1 x bluetooth audio receiver
1 x USB cable
1 x audio cable

More details:


Color Black, Color White


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